Bristol Cooperatives and Social Enterprise Trade Fair on Monday

Cooperatives-SW is working in partnership with the Regional Infrastructure for Social Enterprise (RISE) to hold a Trade Fair with support from CDA (BRAVE Ltd.), Social Enterprise Works, Co-opportunity and Watershed Media Centre. It will be held on Monday 1 December at the Watershed in Bristol.

TTLLP will be there and I should post lots of news about it on Tuesday. I’ll try to microblog the event, but that depends how busy it is. Thanks to the VAT rate cut on the same day, I’ll be the only one there, leaving workers in the office just in case any of our customers have problems with their OSCommerce or Drupal online shops. (It seems there shouldn’t be any, but we hope for the best and prepare for the worst.)

If you’d like to meet up on Monday, send me a comment however you prefer. Update: If you want to attend the event, registration details are on this page – it looks like registration is required, but I’ll be disappointed if they turn people away from the exhibition space between 1 and 2pm if there’s room.

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