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The Great British Broadband Speed Lie

I don’t think it will be a surprise to anyone, but Ananova reports: No-one getting top broadband speeds based on the Ofcom/SamKnows/GfK research. In the village where I live, our “up to 8Mbps” service is stable at about 4. As … Continue reading

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SPI Voting

Software in the Public Interest (SPI) is currently electing to fill two vacant seats on its board. The dates aren’t shown on the vote pages, but on the email: voting closes at 2009-07-28 23:59:59 UTC (UK residents note: UTC not … Continue reading

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Amazon Kindle Un-selling Books

I’ve been reading ebooks for years, since I had a Palm IIIe. It’s probably approaching ten years, looking at the sale date of the IIIe. Now I read them on my mobile phone (see app 7). One common thread all … Continue reading

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Tribute to Richard Rothwell

Some of you may remember Richard Rothwell from the AFFS conference at Handsworth a few years ago, or maybe through his work with M6-IT. He sadly died on Friday 17th July. There is a tribute website set up for him: … Continue reading

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exim4 acl_whitelist_local_deny change causes some blacklisting

This was simpler… We test some anti-spam tools on the TTLLP mailserver. Some of those include exim ACLs that do various checks and tricks. Since the upgrade to debian 5.0, some of our incoming email had been delayed. The first … Continue reading

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Consumers, Boycotts and Cooperatives

A couple of days ago, daniel stone: boycott insanity compared Boycott Novell to “people on the street shouting at the sky about the government.” Previously, I’ve explained here why I think Boycotts are consumers doing judo on corporations and it’s … Continue reading

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A DG834GUK Joins My ADSL-2+ Adventure

As I mentioned previously, I switched over to LLU and ADSL-2+ in February. Since then, I’ve suffered unstable network connections (which has been a pain, to put it mildly) and I’ve been working with ThePhoneCoop’s engineers to try to solve … Continue reading

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Mobile Phone Directory: In Public Between Non-Consenting Adults and Children

My communications connection According to the BBC, a mobile phone directory enquiry service launches today. If you’ve ever had a marketing call to your mobile, your number is probably on this database. It’s very difficult to remember to ask every … Continue reading

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2009 Software in the Public Interest Board Election

It’s the SPI annual meeting tonight at 2000 UTC (2100 UK). Once again, I’m elsewhere (probably still out after Somerset Cooperative Services CIC AGM in the day and North Somerset Cycle Forum at 5.30pm), but I’ll try to connect to … Continue reading

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OCLC Record Use: Reboot

Disruptive Library Technology Jester reports that OCLC Formally Withdraws Proposed Record Use Policy. The Series Table of Contents there gives a pretty good history, or you can read my past comments in Libraries, Cooperatives, OCLC and TTLLP and OCLC Library … Continue reading

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