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Cooperatives-SW reduces price of .coop domain names

During the Co-operatives North West “Co-operation Now!” event, heard concern at the price of .coop domains. We listened. Having negotiated with our suppliers, we’re delighted to announce a significant reduction in the price from £75 to £64 per year. … Continue reading

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#coops14 sees last days of Downham Food Co-op

While  cooperatives fortnight is mostly a celebration of how well cooperatives are doing in the UK, this year is tinged with sadness for me because it sees Downham Food Coop stop trading. This Friday and Saturday will be their last … Continue reading

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The Kelly Lessons in About 1555 Characters

So the Kelly report “of the independent review into the events leading to the Co-operative Bank’s capital shortfall” was published yesterday. During the day, I was putting odd bits from it out in 140 characters with the hashtags #coops #kellylessons. … Continue reading

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About Co-ops & Governance

There have been some dark days for UK coops recently – the crystal Methodist and all that – and I have not been able to talk about it much because of the amount of work that I want to do … Continue reading

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The 2012 Update to the Worker Co-op Code

We like guidelines. In our work, things like the Debian Free Software Guidelines, pep8 and Koha Coding Guidelines are quite useful. I follow guidelines for how I work, too. In addition to the financial reports required by government, our co-op … Continue reading

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Cooperatives Fortnight 2013

Cooperatives Fortnight 2013 starts tomorrow. Our co-op is taking part in a few activities this year. Come along and meet us, or find other events on the national website. This Sunday, I’ll be riding 50 miles in support of Leonard … Continue reading

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One of them, one of us

Interesting stuff is happening again and I’m doing a bit of travelling where I’m not driving much, so I can write some blog posts. If this train stops bouncing quite so much! I think most readers are interested in technology … Continue reading

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We Have Moved! Again!

With immediate effect, our co-op is now at: 384 Lynn Road, Setchey, Norfolk PE33 0PD Please send any official post there instead of Somerset or London, because the forwarding is slow and I expect it to miss a few items. … Continue reading

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Adrift @coopsutd in @coopParty workshop

Sometimes I felt at home at Cooperatives United, like at the wonderful fringe dinner at Eighth Day last Thursday night. Sometimes I felt overwhelmed by the flood, like at the cooperative party workshop on Friday morning. The workshop addressed the … Continue reading

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Why co-ops and social enterprises should avoid publishing Word files

I sometimes ask other co-ops and social enterprises to publish things as web pages, PDFs, ODFs or basically any standard format instead of Microsoft Word Doc files. Doc files have the practical problem that they look different even in different … Continue reading

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