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Possible new word: attendocracy?

I think I’ve just made up another new word (to go alongside my pet hate lawyerbomb): attendocracy a whole society run mainly by meeting attendees. Usually, the meetings are basically non-discriminatory (all members may attend) and attendance is itself enough … Continue reading

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Well, what passes for a heat wave in England: “an average threshold temperature is 30 °C by day and 15 °C overnight” according to the Met Office: Heat-Health Watch. So, I’ll be following HOWTO not melt – keeping cool at … Continue reading

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qpsmtpd Improved Things

As you may remember from past problems with joe-jobs, TTLLP still has a few (maybe only one left?) qmail servers rattling around. The comments on spam-filtering suggested a few possibilities for easing matters. As I wrote I would, I gave … Continue reading

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SPI June 2009 and WsM BikeWeek Breakfast

The monthly board meeting of Software in the Public Interest will take place on #spi tonight (Wed 17 June) at 20:00 UTC. The meeting announcement was posted and there are indeed minutes to approve, a financial report, and nothing … Continue reading

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BikeWeek 2009

Bike and Co-op It’s biiiiiiikeweeeeek!</noddy> Once again, I’m supporting BikeWeek. I generally use a bike as the first leg of my work journeys, although my company doesn’t have a “Green Travel Plan” yet. It’s mainly the time taken writing such … Continue reading

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Timeclock Functions in my .emacs

I’ve a ton of stuff that I want to write up, but the business busy-ness I mentioned in Elect MEPs for Freedom Now continues unabated. I’ve a good business reason for publishing these Emacs snippets, so here we go… I … Continue reading

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Elect MEPs for Freedom Now

Hi! I’ve been away, but as you might have seen from, I’m back but busy. You may remember from posts such as Reject the Term Extension Directive and Improved Telecom Package Passed by EuroParl that MEPs can influence FOSS … Continue reading

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