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Today’s the last day for the Gov.UK Consultation on Forced ISP Snooping: Please Say NO. I didn’t get to LinuxExpo, partly because of Monday Machine-Mangling Madness but I saw LinuxExpo 2008 — Robert Castelo from the Drupal point-of-view. I also … Continue reading

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Dot-coop Domain Renewal Hell

Without emailing us in advance, just expired our domain on 29 October instead of 5 November. When I looked at the renewal option in the control panel, the fees have increased by about 30% since last year. I … Continue reading

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Time to Re-Regulate the UK Mobile Phone Market

One of the things I wished for last month was a decent cooperative pay-as-you-go mobile phone service. About the same time, Ofcom started a social web consultation about mobile phone services. Now there’s an excellent presentation by Vivian Woodall, Chief … Continue reading

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Why Are You Distributing Leaflets?

Like all visitors to the Listening to the Social Entrepreneur conference, my pack included a leaflet from a university research centre. Today it popped up on the top of my in-tray while I was making a concerted effort to clear it. The leaflet is a description of the research centre, but it included […] Continue reading

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Get Safe Online – but no encryption advice

One of the main UK computer security websites (Get Safe Online, GSO, a public/private partnership) has recently changed to using a website for security alerts, instead of sending emails that contained a “secret” word. Of course, a non-SSL website is … Continue reading

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HOWTO Apache httpd 2.2 PAM Authentication Modules

One consequence of the server outage was that I could finally justify the time to solve an irritating Apache authentication problem. In fact, I had to solve the problem, because I needed to log in to our control panels. (I … Continue reading

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We Need Social Network Networks

A recent project was to install a WordPress plugin that will announce new articles to Twitter. As you might guess, I’m not a big fan of Twitter, or any other closed-source Web 2.0 thing. I use a few social network … Continue reading

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Social Enterprise Photography Competition and Cooperatives South-West Trade Fair

Cooperatives South West is working in partnership with the Regional Infrastructure for Social Enterprise (RISE) to hold a Trade Fair with support from CDA (BRAVE Ltd.), Social Enterprise Works, Co-opportunity and Watershed Media Centre. It will be held on Monday … Continue reading

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Firmware and the Shape of Debian Lenny

Lenny is the codename for the next release of debian, which will be debian 5.0 formally. For the first time that I can remember, debian will fit on one disk. OK, so it’s a blu-ray disk (BD), but I’m sure … Continue reading

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The Phone Coop, Best Social Enterprise 2008

ThePhoneCoop Congratulations to all our friends at The Phone Coop for winning the Best Social Enterprise Award at the Enterprising Solutions Awards 2008 yesterday. (TTLLP is an agent and I’m a member personally too.) Longer report at Cooperatives-UK. Comiserations to … Continue reading

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