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Re: Cyberunions Podcast: Building links with the Co-operative Movement

John Atherton sent me a link to cyberunions discussing open-source and worker co-ops. In general, it’s a very good show and worth a listen by anyone from the union movement, in my opinion. It’s available in Ogg as well as … Continue reading

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Forthcoming Attractions

Members of our co-op will be attending: North Somerset Cycle Forum, Yatton, Somerset, 9 September 2010 A Roundtable Discussion about Bristol City Council’s Future Web Platform (#BCCWeb), Bristol, 10 September 2010 Futures North, Leeds, 11 September 2010 Bristol Business Show, … Continue reading

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The Phone Co-op 2010

Ed Mayo talking to the Phone Co-op meeting Yesterday I had the pleasure to be at the Phone Co-ops annual meeting, as those of you who follow me on identi.ca or elsewhere will already know. The proceedings included a speech … Continue reading

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Amazon Kindle Un-selling Books

I’ve been reading ebooks for years, since I had a Palm IIIe. It’s probably approaching ten years, looking at the sale date of the IIIe. Now I read them on my mobile phone (see app 7). One common thread all … Continue reading

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Mobile Phone Directory: In Public Between Non-Consenting Adults and Children

My communications connection According to the BBC, a mobile phone directory enquiry service launches today. If you’ve ever had a marketing call to your mobile, your number is probably on this database. It’s very difficult to remember to ask every … Continue reading

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Top 8 J2ME MIDP Applications

Well, in line with the Do Not Drive from the local police (and one from Gloucestershire), I’ll be phoning in to ThePhoneCoop AGM today and doing a bit of work from home. While preparing for the journey that never was, … Continue reading

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Broadband Service Changes at ThePhoneCoop

It’ll be going out as a letter anyway, but broadband users who have usernames containing @phonecoop may like to read the announcement about changing uplink suppliers. There have been some other changes at The Phone Co-op which I’m asking about … Continue reading

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Connecting from the k608i with SSL

The mobile phone I travel with is pretty good and I use JabberMixClient to instant message from it. Version 2.1 finally got rid of the avatar-replacement bug, so I only wanted to solve my inability to make an SSL connection … Continue reading

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Library Open Source Webinars (FYI/RFC)

Today is the first of the Library Open Source Webinars run by WiLS. It takes place in a few hours (2pm CST, which I think is 14:00:00-0600, or 20:00:00Z) and costs USD25 per session or USD100 for all six. Future … Continue reading

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Time to Re-Regulate the UK Mobile Phone Market

One of the things I wished for last month was a decent cooperative pay-as-you-go mobile phone service. About the same time, Ofcom started a social web consultation about mobile phone services. Now there’s an excellent presentation by Vivian Woodall, Chief … Continue reading

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