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I’m Not Boycotting FOSDEM About Novell, So Please Stop Saying That

Last Friday, I wrote “I’m not going to FOSDEM again because there are better value-for-money events around now” right near the start of an article on here. But on Wednesday, I was surprised to learn from another website that I … Continue reading

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I’ve been having fun with and twitter recently, but some of my contacts, friends, followees, subscriptions (or whatever you want to call them) send many more messages than others. One contact gave a running commentary on his progress up … Continue reading

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World Economic Forum 2009 in Davos

The World Economic Forum opens today (28 Jan) and runs until the weekend. This year most of the high-power planning sessions and feel-good corporate social responsibility whitewash has been replaced by sessions such as “What Happened to the Global Economy?” … Continue reading

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KohaCon 2009

KohaCon 2009, the conference for the premier free software integrated library system (Koha) will be held in Plano, Texas, USA on 16-17 April 2009. This is a FREE conference. There is no registration fee, but we are requesting that all … Continue reading

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Hardware Questions: Asus M5200N, Ubuntu, GPRS and an iPod Touch?

Moving on from the horrible tax situation, I’m struggling to get three pieces of hardware working. I’m terrible with hardware. Can anyone help me get these working better, please? I’ve been lent an Asus M5200N after I busted my shoulder … Continue reading

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Annual Report Crunch Time

Time to Report After a good start, I’ve hit a bump in the road getting all the various TTLLP annual reports filed with the various offices on time. Well, less a bump in the road, more of a gaping chasm. … Continue reading

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I’m not going to FOSDEM 2009

FOSDEM is a place where “free and open source software” really means “open source software” and “the “F” in FOSDEM is a token gesture to the free software movement” if you believe FOSDEM organiser Philip Paeps. If that’s so, I’m … Continue reading

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SPI January 2009

The monthly board meeting of SPI will take place on #spi tonight (Wed 21 Jan) at 20:00 UTC. Members may have seen that the meeting announcement is delayed because the secretary has been ill and it seems that none … Continue reading

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What’s an Interest Group? An Association? A Foundation?

I thought that Koha: Users and Developers of Open Source (KUDOS) and Koha Libre Association (KohaLA) were both Koha Interest Groups, but Nicole’s post about ALA Midwinter makes me think I’ve got it wrong: “KUDOS (KOHA Users and Developers of … Continue reading

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FS-4400 Satellite PVR

You may remember that I’m quite a satellite TV fan, having installed it in 2004 and compiled a FAQ. Over the holidays, I replaced my 4-year-old Digiquest receiver (terrible website) with a FortecStar FS-4400 PVR from Maplin. I’d love to … Continue reading

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