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ECJ on SAS v WPL: A Coming Storm?

While I share Alex’s “law [is] boring” view, this also attracted my attention because it’s (slightly) about statistics software. I feel the SAS v WPL case mentioned on his blog deserves a wider airing: “The basic story is that the … Continue reading

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Three Strikes: Out?

The Guardian reported this week that “rights holders will have to obtain a court order before punishing persistent offenders by reducing or cutting off their internet connections.” This is an important step in the right direction. For too long, rights … Continue reading

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Karoo Chooses to Start Three-Strikes

You may remember that I did some work last year campaigning against the “three strikes and you’re out” disconnect system, where suspected filesharers are disconnected from the internet after the third allegation is made. That’s allegation, not any sort of … Continue reading

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Digital Britain Report: first glance

The Digital Britain Report was published on 16 June 2009. I only got time to look at it quickly recently because this is one of the co-op AGM seasons. At first glance, it misses the mark. It doesn’t do anything … Continue reading

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OSI and FSF Licence Approval Comparison

The Open Source Initiative and the Free Software Foundation are probably the two authorities on what is free and open source software that are better respected than the debian project. It’s fairly easy to see that the famous licences (GNU … Continue reading

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Reject the Term Extension Directive

One of the most frustrating things about Copyright Expansion is that it’s being driven through at international levels, far away from most of the people that it affects. When we try to contact our international representatives, such as national government … Continue reading

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Copyrighting the Future consultation ends this month

The Copyrighting the Future: Keeping ahead of the game consultation finishes in a month’s time (6 February). They actually called it that – “copyrighting the future” – can you believe it? In case you haven’t seen it yet, this is … Continue reading

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Improved Telecom Package Passed by EuroParl

or “how did we do Batting Against Three Strikes through the Back Door?” In the latest EDRI-gram, there’s a report on the telecoms package EuroParl vote which is mostly positive. Thankfully both the Harbour and Trautmann reports were amended in … Continue reading

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How not to be a Popular Politician

So, while everyone was watching the Bush Bank Bail-out plan get rejected by Congress, they also found time to approve more bad copyright law, an RIAA-backed initiative to attack cooperative download tools like BitTorrent. Thankfully, the attempt to empower the … Continue reading

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