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Debian Project Leader 2013 election campaign links: part 1

This is basically a link-post to the Debian Project Leader election email discussions on GMANE’s blog-style interface to debian-vote. After only 3 days of the 21, there’s already a pageful, so if I don’t start collecting links now, I’ll probably … Continue reading

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In Praise of Consensus

The constitution of the debian operating system project says things like “consistent with the consensus of the opinions of the Developers” at various points but doesn’t say how strong a consensus or how the project will test for consensus. I … Continue reading

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Stand up for your freedom to install free software

It’s been busy at our co-op but I’m never too busy to support calls for the freedom to install debian (or any other Free and Open Source Software Operating System) so I’ve signed the FSF-led public statement on so-called “Secure … Continue reading

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Software in the Public Interest August 2011 – and election results

The SPI election results have been declared. Jimmy Kaplowitz, Clint Adams and Robert Brockway were elected to the SPI board. There were 75 voters, which is 16% turnout, up from the 13% in the last contested election, in 2009. The … Continue reading

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Re: Cyberunions Podcast: Building links with the Co-operative Movement

John Atherton sent me a link to cyberunions discussing open-source and worker co-ops. In general, it’s a very good show and worth a listen by anyone from the union movement, in my opinion. It’s available in Ogg as well as … Continue reading

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Software in the Public Interest June 2011

Software in the Public Interest is one of the oldest and best non-profit associations (and not a foundation!) that supports free and open source software development and it will hold a public board of directors meeting on Wednesday at 20:30 … Continue reading

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#Debian and #KohaILS Conference Planning

This seems an active time for conference planning in two of the projects I like: KohaCon11 is being planned for Thane, India. Registrations are open and I’m helping to admin the conference system (OCS). If you’d like to talk, submissions … Continue reading

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SPI March 2011

Software in the Public Interest, the contributor-led not-for-profit corporation that supports debian GNU/Linux, OpenVAS, OpenOffice.org and an ‘ole load of other free software projects meets tonight (Wednesday 9th) at 20:30 UTC in #spi on irc.spi-inc.org. The agenda has been published … Continue reading

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SPI February 2011

The regular monthly board of SPI (Software in the Public Interest, the contributor-run non-profit which supports debian, drupal and many other projects not beginning with the letter d) is on IRC this evening at 20:30 UTC in #spi on irc.oftc.net. … Continue reading

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Reasons to use cat unnecessarily

Recently, I read on planet debian another rant along the lines of “why oh why do people use cat when they could just redirect from a file?” – but not that this is a new complaint from expert users. I’ve … Continue reading

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