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Business As Mutual conference, Anglia Ruskin Uni, 12 Sep

Here’s a summary of what happened at this conference. Opening address. Keynote from Nick Hurd MP, @minforcivsoc. “Lot less money around.” Called canals and rivers trust the biggest social enterprise. Blames lack of large social enterprises on culture, leadership and … Continue reading

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Creating a co-operative Open Data standard

I attended the “Creating a co-operative Open Data standard” event in Manchester, yesterday. Organized by Co-operatives UK, Open Data Manchester, and Co-operative News, the event brought together a range of people with helpfully diverse areas of expertise and motivation. I found … Continue reading

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DLT is better than CAPTCHA

Stop using CAPTCHAs. It’s time to switch to DLT: Design, Limit and Trapdoor. “[a certain website] has the evil bad wrong Google reCaptcha on the edit page to stop disabled users, so screw it. Google’s reCaptcha seems to be spreading … Continue reading

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Debian Project Leader Election 2012

Voting is open in the Debian Project Leader Elections 2012 So now I need to figure out who to vote for. This year I didn’t take part in the discussions (all my spare time was bought, basically). The platforms are … Continue reading

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Document Freedom Day – 28th March 2012

Do you run Microsoft Office? Do you upgrade to the latest version because people send you Office attachments that your version can’t read? Do you have lots of personal or company documents stored in an office suite format? Will the … Continue reading

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Signed the PDFreaders Petition

We, the undersigned, hereby state that we expressly and unequivocally oppose the advertising of proprietary software products on government websites. Such advertising breaches impartiality and encourages citizens to employ technologies that unnecessarily restrict their freedom. The role of government is … Continue reading

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SPI Feb 2012

Software in the Public Interest, the mass-membership association that supports some great Free and Open Source Software projects, will hold a public board of directors meeting today, Thursday 9th February 2012 at 21:00 UTC. The day and time of SPI … Continue reading

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Stop ACTA Marches Map

Further to last week’s blog post that mentioned this Saturday’s (11 Feb) London Stop ACTA march, there’s a map of anti-ACTA marches on Google’s website (thanks to Martin Houston for the link). There’s also been a new Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement … Continue reading

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Two Campaigns, One Spot

Sometimes two campaigns that I care about a lot pick the same day to hold an awareness-raising drive. It happened again on Tuesday. The one I took part in was advertising the Stop ACTA London Protest on Sat 11 Feb. … Continue reading

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Phones, Privacy and Co-ops

And now a slightly longer than usual rant: The problem with the o2 network disclosing mobile browsers’ phone numbers that I repeated 2 days ago (and it appeared on our co-op website) snowballed yesterday to the point that it was … Continue reading

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