Document Freedom Day – 28th March 2012

Do you run Microsoft Office? Do you upgrade to the latest version because people send you Office attachments that your version can’t read?

Do you have lots of personal or company documents stored in an office suite format? Will the latest version of your office suite always be able to read those old documents?

Or have you migrated to LibreOffice (or OpenOffice) and hope that the Microsoft Office document you’ve just opened actually looks the way it was intended?

Document Freedom Day (March 28th 2012) is for those of us who want something better. Open Standards allow your software to open documents created in other software, that also supports Open Standards, without worry that they won’t look the way they were intended or that you’ll mess up the appearance or structure when editing.

The Open Document Format is an example of just such an Open Standard. It was developed by the OpenOffice team and is used natively by LibreOffice and OpenOffice. Wikipedia lists many other applications that support ODF.

Let’s support Document Freedom Day and call for Open Standards and freedom of software choice. See how you can get involved at, add a banner or badge to your web site, and add your support for DFD to your sig:

Document Freedom Day – Liberate your documents – March 28th 2012

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