Continuing Realtek 8139 Drop-out problems

Back in Solved but Why? Belkin F5D7630 to Realtek 8139 Drop-outs, I thought I’d cured my random 20+-second network hang problem, but I celebrated too soon. While that seemed to work for a while, it didn’t last. Those options also stopped the printer (lp0) from working, which was a bit of a fatal flaw – I print TTLLP’s invoices and minutes.

As far as I can tell, the drop-outs are all the 8139-using laptop’s fault. They may only happen after resuming from suspend-to-disk, but it’s difficult to be sure of anything with an intermittent fault. I thought it was related to having all PCI devices on IRQ 10, but adding acpi_irq_balance to boot options cured that without curing the hangs.

Today, I’m trying the 8139too driver instead of the 8139cp one and I’ve built both as modules so I can try unloading, reloading and switching between them if it keeps happening.

This problem is doing my nut. I hate intermittent faults and it plays havoc with my VoIP phone, ssh, IRC and jabber sometimes. Anyone seen this before? Anyone fixed it for sure?

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