Cookies: Ask Me Every Time – by law?

SME Web – Internet advertisers: New cookie laws approved: reports that:

“internet users will have to provide consent to cookies being stored on their computers. This could result in them being bombarded with pop-ups seeking their permission to accept the cookies.”

However, the site doesn’t link to a text supporting that interpretation. The only reference is to a directive which doesn’t seem explicit.

Further, the article states

“The current EU telecom law allows the use of cookies if web users are notified of them and are able to opt-out. “

but there are tons of sites which don’t comply with that and are simply broken if they can’t store their cookies. That includes several ones – very annoying, but surely there wouldn’t be so many if it was illegal, would there?

Is that article accurate and does anyone have plain English that I can send to webmasters to persuade them to fix their sites?

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