Five goes free-to-air, ASTEFAQ updated

After seeing Five to launch on Freesat over on the DTG website, I tried rescanning 28e and a channel called 6335 (or similar) appeared in the channel list but it had a FIVE logo in the corner. Maybe those DOGs do serve some purpose sometimes – but it would be better if they actually set the channel name correctly.

So, if you have a free-to-air satellite set pointed at 28e (which most UK dishes are), then you now have Five. If you have Freesat, you’ve another week before it appears on your EPG. It’s better to be free-to-air. I’ve not seen much of five since leaving Norwich about a decade ago: North End King’s Lynn is “fringe” reception for even the main channels, while neither the Kewstoke nor Cardiff transmitters broadcast it yet. It looks like it’s changed quite a lot.

Anyway, I’ve updated the FAQ to move five into the list of FTA channels. Anyone know about getting the Freesat EPG on MythTV yet?

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