Global 300 and chances to invest in a fuel co-op or meet Cooperatives-SW

The new Global 300 list has been released this week:-

“the 300 top co-operatives are responsible for an aggregate turnover of 1.1 trillion USD which makes it the size of the 10th economy of the world nearly the size of the Spanish economy. The list also shows that co-operatives are growing in terms of turnover 14%”

Also, the Good Fuel Co-operative (a consortium established early in 2008 by five UK biodiesel cooperatives: Goldenfuels, Sundance Renewables, Magpie Recycling, Bolton Alternative Fuels Co-operative and has launched a share issue to raise £420,000 to fuel the growth of the biodiesel market.

Finally, Cooperatives-SW board will meet in Exeter in January and the AGM will be in Plymouth in April – so if you’d like me to let you know the dates when they’re announced (for meeting up or otherwise), please leave a comment on this post and tick the “Notify me of followup comments” box. Thanks!

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