Happy International Day of Cooperatives

Today is the 87th ICA and 15th UN International Day of Cooperatives. There’s a PDF message from the United Nations secretary general.

It’s also the start of the Tour de France, which runs for the next 22 days. There are four cooperative-linked teams which I’ll be hoping do well: AG2R-LA Mondiale, Caisse D’Epargne, Rabobank and Milram. It’s also probably the first tour de tweet and there’s a list of links here or you can probably find many others. I wish they were on OpenMicroBlogging, but they’re not.

It’s only half-way through stage one and I’m already bored with people grumbling about the terrible internet video streams. Internet video’s always terrible and it will be a while before the <video> tag saves us, thanks to vendor squabbling. It’s much easier to get your MPEG-2 streams by satellite if you live in Europe – and it also helps those outside Europe by reducing the demand on the streams. I compiled a list of free-to-air satellite channels covering the Tour de France.

So, what have you been doing today?

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