ippimail to close – what now for friendly webmail?

I was disappointed to read that ippimail announced “the closure of the ippimail project [...] barring a miracle we will take the site down at noon on the 1st May 2009, UK time.”

I first covered the ippimail social enterprise back in 2006 as a way to do better than googlemail. There was a longer review on Cutting Free.

So what now for free-to-use UK-based free-software-using webmails? Where do you think ippimail users should look now? Are there others giving to charity? Is a better world possible by emailing?

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One Response to ippimail to close – what now for friendly webmail?

  1. mjkaye says:

    Being the author of the review mentioned in the post, I was very disappointed to hear ippimail’s announcement. It’s a great shame that this source of income for charities, and one the few choices for Free Software webmail, is closing.

    I’ve moved to 6zap ( http://www.6zap.com/ ), which is one of the few Free Software webmail providers I could find. It has a nice AJAX interface, off-line features, and quite a nice calendar. It does quite well with spam, but lacks user-filters and a threaded view. I hope those are implemented soon. It’s also not British and doesn’t give profits to charity.

    I’d love to hear about other alternatives that people find.


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