Mobile Phone Directory: In Public Between Non-Consenting Adults and Children

[Photo of Phone]
My communications connection

According to the BBC, a mobile phone directory enquiry service launches today. If you’ve ever had a marketing call to your mobile, your number is probably on this database. It’s very difficult to remember to ask every company that you give your mobile number not to sell it to other people.

The company that’s thought up this cunning plan to make money is Connectivity. The report says that you can remove yourself from Connectivity’s service by visiting the website, but as I write this, the site says:

“The 118 800 service for mobile phone connections is currently unavailable – from this website and by phone – whilst we undertake major developments to our ‘Beta Service’ to improve the experience for our customers”

So what now? Email or can someone go doorstep them at Merlin House, Brunel Road, Theale, Berks?

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