National Maintenance Week

National Maintenance Week

This week (21-28 November) is National Maintenance Week. Do a bit of maintenance on your home this week yourself and save a bit of money, as well as improving the appearance of your local community.

National Gutters Day is next Friday (28th). After this summer’s heavy rains led to a curtain of rain falling down, I paid the window cleaners to clear our building’s gutters. Unfortunately, they didn’t clear quite close enough to the end of one gutter and it still overflowed – but I didn’t find this out until the next rainstorm. I’ve bought a long handle and a gutter-cleaning tool for about the price of one gutter-cleaning, so I can deal with it myself in future! How about you?

The gutter-cleaning tool I’d really like are the long tongs, but I found three types in web searches and no-one sells any of them in Europe. Why not?

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