OCLC Record Use: Reboot

Disruptive Library Technology Jester reports that OCLC Formally Withdraws Proposed Record Use Policy. The Series Table of Contents there gives a pretty good history, or you can read my past comments in Libraries, Cooperatives, OCLC and TTLLP and OCLC Library Data-grab Policy Countdown.

Sharing library data is a big topic. There are a lot of small libraries who would be really empowered by easier sharing with the rest of the community. I think a lot of other cooperatives in other fields could be persuaded to follow OCLC’s lead if they adopted something like the ODbL or another open data licence.

OCLC says that a new group will be named to begin work to draft a new policy. Until then, we’re back with the not-privatised but not-particularly-cooperative 1987 rules. I guess it’s better to go nowhere than to move in a bad way?

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