Oddments from Planet Debian

Three replies to things I saw today on Planet Debian on blogs of people that don’t have fully-working web comment systems:-

  1. Professional Slide Installer (usual buggy blogger.com CAPTCHA) – yes, they exist. My village’s council sometimes hires them. I think they’re carpenters who have specialised. There are also professional slide inspectors (well, childrens’ play area safety inspectors, but professional slide inspector sounds cooler).
  2. Internet Speed Hype (usual buggy wordpress kind-a captcha) – ThePhone.Coop (UK) doesn’t cap, but charges extra if you go over your subscription amount. We have a monitoring system that lets you check your usage fairly easily and set up email alerts when your prepaid amount is almost used up. (I work for agent AG_471 of ThePhone.Coop but I think I’d like them anyway.)
  3. home of the madduck/ blog/ Recovering a lost default route (site under construction – see bottom of page) – I was told by a very wise man to always start a delayed reboot (shutdown -r +5) before messing with anything to do with the networking on a remote machine.
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