On The Road, #online09 and #koha

It was great to meet the newest member of our co-op yesterday and discuss a new ethical business referral network, but I’ve barely spent any time back at home and I’m heading out again, partly to visit online09 and IMS, partly to collect some things from the co-op’s founder and also to do whatever else I can do in London in the time available.

I was unable to attend yesterday’s #koha IRC general meeting because of the terrible state of mobile internet coverage in rural Gloucestershire and Worcestershire, where I was at the time. Apologies for not sending apologies beforehand, but I thought it would work. Mobile internet is so frustratingly patchy outside the big cities. It works, but not reliably when I’m moving fast, which seems like part of the point of “mobile”.

Once again, I’m surprised that the U2Com free wifi network still has only one London hotspot. It makes finding wifi in Bristol and Somerset so much easier (as well as attracting me to Bath Ales) and there was even a node in Manchester yesterday. Is there another free wifi network in London that I don’t know about? The Londonist Free Wifi map doesn’t show if they’re in networks.

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