Six of the Best Podcasts?

I’m listening to quite a few podcasts recently. Here are my current favourites:

  • Cyberunions which covers the tech/work crossover space and is appearing as Ogg near the start of most weeks. I reviewed an earlier episode and it’s kept on improving. It’s under CC-BY-NC-SA, so you can share it, but it isn’t free software (FOSS) itself. Thanks to John Atherton for the tip.
  • The Command Line is more tech, but with a leaning towards activism too. This podcast is actually FOSS – sadly the only one of this round-up! It’s recently dropped to once a week on Sundays, which is a shame in one way, but suits me better. I don’t remember how I got started on this.
  • More or Less: Behind the Stats is about numbers in the news. Maybe my love of statistics influences me, but I think this is brilliant, puncturing the pompous politicians who try to mislead (figures don’t lie, but liars do figure). Imagine the FactCheck Blog with its own show and a sense of humour. It’s just gone on a break, but there’s plenty of recent episodes to catch up on.
  • Real Peloton is about pro cycling, by reporter-presenter Ned Boulting and journalist Matt Rendell. They probably should not be left alone to make podcasts, but it’s great that they do. They appear sporadically, depending on other work schedules of the presenters. The Banjo Cycles team including Matt Rendell won the IG Markets Hot Lap during the final stage of the Tour of Britain in London and the world championships are this week so maybe they’ll have something to say soon.
  • Answer Me This appears on Thursdays (although it has just gone on a month’s break) and gives right-but-sideways answers to listener questions.

And now for number six, what are you listening to? Anything you’d recommend?

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13 Responses to Six of the Best Podcasts?

  1. Simon says:

    The Pod Delusion –

    Secular and humanist, it is also reminds us how bad journalism is the mainstream media by doing proper journalism.

  2. scottmir says:

    Without any doubts:
    FLOSS Weekly –


  3. Anon says:

    Penny Arcade and PvP did a podcast of their D&D sessions, which proved awesome and hilarious:

    They followed up with a live game on stage at PAX:

  4. Toote says:

    I listen to way too many podcasts, mostly FLOSS-related. My highlight is:

    * Linux outlaws: funny and ranty
    * FLOSS weekly: from the TWIT network, great for discovering or knowing more about FLOSS projects
    * Hacker Public Radio: not necesarily about FLOSS and traditional hacking but worth it
    * Freakonomics Radio: the world from the point of view of crazy economists
    * Linux for the rest of us: from the Podnutz network, very interesting
    * Going Linux: very good show about starting up with Linux

    Not sure how to add links to the shows because your blog doesn’t allow me to do so without telling my comment is a bit “spammy”. But if you search the show title you will find them very easily

  5. mjr says:

    Ah, good point: the new server’s spam tests are pretty harsh and don’t like link-dense comments. Sorry about that, but you’re right that most search engines will find those ones pretty easily.

  6. Harvey says:

    The one, the only, Football Weekly. Presented by the greatest human being in the world: James Richardson.

  7. JonRob says:

    More or Less is probably the best news show in the country… great pick :-)

  8. says:

    Point of Inquiry –

    Very high-quality interviews of topics/authors at the intersection of religiion, psychology, and science from a critical thinking point of view.

  9. Roddie says:

    Another vote for More or Less here and if you’re a Radio 4 listener, the Feedback show that takes its place when off-air is also recommended listening.

    Other podcasts I’d suggest are:

    Ubuntu UK’s Loco team:
    The guys from the Linux Format magazine:
    BBC Click’s show on the World Service:

  10. mjr says:

    I think I’ll check out Freakonomics Radio and the Pod Delusion – thanks for the suggestions. I’d probably try FLOSS Weekly, but its RSS feed seems to be Not Found (according to clicking the orange thing in Iceweasel’s address bar, at least).

    The other suggestions seem generally pretty good too, but there’s only so many hours in the week. For example, I actually watch Click on the TV, setting my receiver to record it each Saturday at 0130, but I’m not that interested in the Click radio/podcast topics most weeks.

  11. Andreas Glaeser says: appears weekly on saturdays (in german :-(

  12. The RSS for FLOSS Weekly audio is – perhaps you hit it recently while the website was being restructured.

  13. mjr says:

    Thanks for the helpful link!

    I think the page is currently broken because it has <link rel=”alternate” type=”application/rss+xml” title=”FLOSS Weekly” href=”node/4350/feed” /> in the page source pointing the orange icon at a Not Found and the “RSS Feeds” link on the page is to which is all of TWiT. Hope that returns the help in kind!

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