Standing for election, times 2 or 3, plus public access wifi

It’s a bit quiet on this blog recently because I’m busy with lots of non-software tasks, including:

  1. I am standing for election to the UK Worker Co-operative Council. Thank you to for the nomination and help. Voters can ask me questions on the site.
  2. I was renominated to Kewstoke Parish Council and even though there’s no contest (just enough candidates to fill the council), I’ve another 16 pages of legally-required forms to complete to take up office. I hate bureaucracy and I think it deters a lot of good people from helping their villages.
  3. I’m contemplating standing in the co-operative group area committee elections again.

So, I’m far from idle. I’m still developing software for clients of our co-op but not finding time to write about it just now. Maybe this would be more interesting to readers: I’ve moved my wifi antenna out of the metal box it’s been in for a while. Now it covers a half-decent area, I’m looking at installing CoovaAP to offer some free public access wifi while trying to limit the risk of illegal activity. Would you do it? Do you run a public wifi point? What should I watch out for?

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