Youth Freedom and an IRC Q+A

Advertisers try to “get ’em young” to get them buying their wares from an early age. So why don’t we advertise freedom at young people more? The younger we make them aware of freedom, the more time they’ll spend defending that freedom from Big Media, the surveillance state and other threats, hopefully.

Of course, the threats I suggest above means that I don’t think we can rely on much help from most governments or media companies to promote it. Something more grassroots is required.

Students for Free Culture board will be holding an IRC question and answer session today, which I think is at 0100 UTC. It seems like a good idea to have a network for free culture societies at universities, colleges and schools.

I’ve also seen DFEY – Digital Freedom in Education and Youth and the GNU Generation projects recently, which were discussed elsewhere.

If you’re young (and I feel old, writing that), will you be getting involved with any of these three and if not, why not?

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