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Report on TravelWatch SouthWest General Meeting 9 Oct 2010

I attended this meeting last Saturday, taking up the Cooperatives-SW invitation (we have been invited before, as reported on this blog). It was held, once again, at SCAT in Taunton. First, we had introductions from everyone. The Go! Co-op rail … Continue reading

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Tricky question for a worker co-op: @CooperativeWave

This isn’t a problem which many companies have to deal with. It’s simple for lots of them: ignore things like climate change except when laws or public relations (or employee relations?) require otherwise. As far as the company is concerned, … Continue reading

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How not to be a Popular Politician

So, while everyone was watching the Bush Bank Bail-out plan get rejected by Congress, they also found time to approve more bad copyright law, an RIAA-backed initiative to attack cooperative download tools like BitTorrent. Thankfully, the attempt to empower the … Continue reading

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