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ssh security

A periodic security review at our co-op suggested switching PasswordAuthentication no on even more hosts. One of those caused a bit of a heated discussion about the benefits of increased security and the drawbacks of making emergency access harder, reminding … Continue reading

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Connecting from the k608i with SSL

The mobile phone I travel with is pretty good and I use JabberMixClient to instant message from it. Version 2.1 finally got rid of the avatar-replacement bug, so I only wanted to solve my inability to make an SSL connection … Continue reading

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Get Safe Online – but no encryption advice

One of the main UK computer security websites (Get Safe Online, GSO, a public/private partnership) has recently changed to using a website for security alerts, instead of sending emails that contained a “secret” word. Of course, a non-SSL website is … Continue reading

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“your country continues to turn into Big Brother”

Just received this comment from Jimmy Kaplowitz over in the US: “yuck, your country continues to turn into Big Brother: BBC News: Giant database plan ‘Orwellian’” Hell, yeah. That’s a reason why my support for the party is so weak … Continue reading

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