Three Releases: Debian, Co-op and Videos

Three things I really like have released recently:-

  1. Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 (“Lenny”): I installed it on a laptop the weekend before going to a conference and I’m really impressed. It installed fairly neatly and was good-looking (gtk installer from USB stick, default desktop task, in case anyone cares). I found one or two small glitches while travelling, which I’ll reportbug soon, but they’re very minor. Well done to everyone involved in stabilising this release!
  2. The co-operative officially launched its new brand with a 2.5-minute whole-break advert using a Bob Dylan track, both of which are unusual. OK, so I feel it should have been available in a FOSS-friendly format and not done on the same day as announcing a sale of opticians or a big closure, but it’s still good to see the co-operative getting big TV exposure.
  3. Videos of Debian at FOSDEM and the Business of Open Source mini-conference at were released, which I’ll watch soon. The current trend of recording key conferences isn’t a substitute for being there in-person, but it’s still invaluable and I thank all those involved.
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