Tribute to Richard Rothwell

Some of you may remember Richard Rothwell from the AFFS conference at Handsworth a few years ago, or maybe through his work with M6-IT.

He sadly died on Friday 17th July. There is a tribute website set up for him:

“Adored son, brother, husband, father, and friend, Richard decided that he no longer wished to be here, for reasons known only to himself. All those who loved and cared about him are struggling to understand and make sense of what happened. For us the world is a sadder and lonelier place without him, and the rest of the world has lost one of its brightest stars. He will remain in our thoughts and hearts forever.”

I had heard about this in private, but the first public confirmation I read was the memorial from Richard Smedley.

I’ve not enjoyed this week so far. How’s it been for everyone else?

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