Upgrading to Debian 7 wheezy

So I have upgraded my main workstation at last, but there are a few things I wanted to figure out. Some of these I found an answer to, but others I haven’t and some answers open more questions:

Where did debian-menu.menu go and why doesn’t lxlauncher have the Debian menu by default anyway? Answer: It seems this is a combination of debian bug 333848 and bug 722563 which I reported yesterday in that lxlauncher doesn’t use the debian menus. Workaround for now: install menu-xdg and hack the lxlauncher menu file.

Why don’t my xterm shells load .profile any more? Did I bodge that before without making a note?

How do I stop kernel or initrd or whatever it is configuring the network with the dhcp settings at boot time instead of the better wicd ones that are available once the system is up?

Continuing with networking, how did network-manager (which doesn’t cope with my network configuration) get installed again? Answer: debian bug 645656 explains that debian is simply following a silly decision taken upstream and refers to attempts to make network-manager optional as “the Crusade”. Workaround: remove gnome and install its dependencies like gnome-core directly instead. Drawback: any new dependencies of gnome will have to be installed manually.

Why is the audio capture volume at 10% by default and what’s the best way to change that? I suspect this might be 682731 but that bug is untouched in over a year. I’m tempted to remove pulseaudio, but “gnome-core Depends pulseaudio” so this is yet more hardware-breaking caused by gnome dependency changes and the only way out of this one would be to remove gnome-core and install its dependencies. Or maybe I should just give up and finally remove gnome because its packages have jumped the shark. I installed gnome to make the system easier to use and it’s broken it in at least two ways now.

One question that makes me hesitate is: why is gdm3 faster to start than lightdm?

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  1. bla says:

    > why is gdm3 faster to start than lightdm?
    Perhaps lightdm is using webkit as the rendering backend ?

  2. Chris Knadle says:

    Concerning Gnome and netowrk-manager in bug 645656, also have a look at the TC bug 688772 which was about the same thing. :-/ Basically the only thig that came out of all of this discussion was some additional text added to the Debian installation guide concerning Gnome and network-manager (which I authored) which most experienced Debian users most likely won’t read. I don’t personally consider that a substitute for a warning in a NEWS file concerning the incompatability issues between wicd and network-manager.

    Re: #682731 — it’s not very fun when bugs get reassigned to other packages without any explanation whatsoever, which is what Joss did here.

    If I used gnome (which thankfully I don’t), I’d either a) modify the packages such that they didn’t have the dependencies you don’t like, or b) create modified source packages to do the same and host them in my own repository. [Realistically if you're most used to Gnome you probably want to keep using it, but without the breakage caused by these new dependencies.]

    And above all else I want: Debian to finally have some kind of Code of Conduct… because without any, we’re getting repeated instances of various kinds of rudeness that’s causing a lot of frustration for others. It causes a disincentive for people to get more involved. The number of Debian developers initially had a rapid rise to nearly 1200 in the year 2002, but has not increased since then, while the number of binary packages from 2002 to 2013 has risen by 375% (about 8,000 to about 38,000). I have a theory that these two things may be related. [Especially after my experience with #675971 and #682010 concerning the mumble package.]

  3. mjr says:

    I don’t think my lightdm uses webkit. I’m using lightdm-gtk-greeter and its dependencies don’t look like they pull in webkit. It pulls in cairo, but so does gdm3.

    I got the answer to my wicd problem in an email. Changing /etc/network/interfaces to say iface eth0 inet manual (rather than iface eth0 inet dhcp) left setup to wicd.

    network-manager is disabled but I’m not entirely sure why because I can’t see any configuration change since it was installed. So it’s annoying having it installed, but not a problem at the moment. Unlike pulse-audio and its inability to save a sensible capture volume level as far as I can tell. I’ve put the command amixer sset 'Capture',0 60% into my lxsession autostart file.

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