What topics do you want to read here?

I’ve just set up a poll on my site asking: what topics do you want to read here?

Since this July, when cycling and most local and political themes were split off into other blogs, this site has been mostly Web Development and GNU/Linux topics, with an SPI article appearing most weeks, and minor themes of Koha news and ideas and general internet/telecoms issues around ThePhoneCoop. Finally, Drupal, OSCommerce and general business topics appear less frequently.

By traffic, the SPI series seems by far the most popular (but at least one of those is heavily spam-attacked now, so I’d discount it), followed by other political themes, then the technical posts. I suspect that politics is getting a temporary boost because of the US and Canadian elections, even though I’ve not written about them much. But is there some other theme that people want to read about?

The poll box on the right column lets you tick as many or as few as you want. It requires javascript, but if you don’t have javascript, please leave a comment on my site. If you want to suggest a new topic which I should add, please leave that in a comment too.

Update January 2009: comments now closed due to spam. You can email me or contact me some other way if you would like. Thanks.

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