World Economic Forum 2009 in Davos

The World Economic Forum opens today (28 Jan) and runs until the weekend. This year most of the high-power planning sessions and feel-good corporate social responsibility whitewash has been replaced by sessions such as “What Happened to the Global Economy?” (Er, it broke because you bet more money than existed in the world?) There’s a report from France24 and a programme of sessions.

Like WEF in previous years, selected sessions are broadcast on SFinfo in German and Original Languages (often English) on Hotbird at 13east. Additionally, this year, there are webcasts (maybe the podcast version will play on free software) but it seems that none of the computing sessions are up for broadcast. Economics rules the airwaves for 2009.

My main reason for posting here is to boggle at the WEF myspace competition. Isn’t Myspace about the least appropriate of the big social networks for an economics forum? I suspect some payment or benefits from the network that Rupert Murdoch’s company bought.

There’s also @davos which seems to be talking much more than listening… seems appropriate for WEF, no?

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