95% of British Residential ISPs Censor – but I think I’m OK

The Internet Watch Foundation has objected to the cover of a 1976 Scorpions album (which is, as far as I know, still legally on sale here, with that cover) and their collaborator ISPs have blocked access to Wikipedia. They claim that it covers 95% of British Residential ISPs but I could get through. Can you?

Read more formal reports from AP via Google (claims 95% of users, which I think might be an error), BBC, Wikimedia Foundation News Release or The Guardian report (which chickens out of showing the whole cover image).

Inspired by a short message from the owner of Cockspiracy, I’ve asked the Phone Coop election candidates for their views on it (note: I expect the question URL to change soon, so beware if you link to it), comparing it to our phorm promise.

Did this affect you? Do you care? Have IWF just scuttled their ship?

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