Do Your Shop Photos Leak?

If you’ve set up an online shop, are your product photos saying more about you than you intended?

“there’s a huge amount of potentially privacy-sensitive metadata in your typical JPEG as generated by your camera (including camera type, settings, date/time, maybe even GPS coordinates of your location, etc).”

Source: jhead – List and modify EXIF fields in JPEG photos [Uwe Hermann’s blog]

Even worse, if you’ve been using images from your suppliers or the manufacturers without permission, the metadata can be a dead giveaway. You really shouldn’t be using them without permission anyway, though.

If you’re using your own photos, want to remove the camera data and you’re not comfortable using the command line, most graphics editors like GIMP allow you to edit or remove that extra information too (I think it’s on Save As… OK… Advanced Options and untick “Save EXIF data” in GIMP). It’s just a bit slower to convert lots of images with a GUI. (I’d usually do that sort of thing from the command line for TTLLP customers.)

One fringe benefit is that removing the thumbnails and EXIF makes the images a bit smaller, so they’re quicker to download!

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