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After a good start, I’ve hit a bump in the road getting all the various TTLLP annual reports filed with the various offices on time.

Well, less a bump in the road, more of a gaping chasm.

Well, less a gaping chasm, more of a black hole with the potential to consume as many resources as you can throw at it.

As usual, it’s the financial reports and rax return which are the problem. After making a good start by closing the 2007-8 books in plenty of time, we’ve had some small problems which we’ve overcome, but the blocking problem now is that HMRC are using an obsolete address for the company.

I only just found out that was the problem yesterday. That’s doubly odd because I changed my address at the same time (which they’re using) and we’ve submitted two tax returns since then with the correct address.

Once I got through to the telephone helpline, they told me to go to the tax office (in the nearest town just now, but scheduled for closure) to change the address. At the tax office, they told me to use a telephone in the corner and I had no need to have gone in person. HMRC’s left hand doesn’t seem to know what its right one is doing!

The guy on the end of the phone confused me with jargon, but the upshot is that it will take up to 3 working days to correct our address, then we can request new access to our accounts which will take up to 7 days… which means we’ll miss the filing deadline. I think it’s time to complain about the broken address. I’ll dent my progress. Anyone else finding the changed tax filing process bloody taxing this year?

Finally, anyone got free and open source software for online filing of partnership tax returns? There’s a £10 shareware Excel spreadsheet tool out there, but I guess I’ll have to borrow someone’s Excel to run it (it won’t work in OpenOffice, will it?). Is there a better way? If not, I’ll tell about HMRC driving Windows sales (slowly chipping away at the monopoly).

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