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Paypal and Ethical Business

DoctorMO is calling Paypal the Pocketing Police after this “Paypal […] decided we were scammers and took our money” comment by Daniel Stone during the Xorg foundation election discussions. Our co-op has avoided Paypal for a number of years for … Continue reading

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What’s in a name? Co-operative in names at Companies House

This was a Freedom of Information request to Companies House. The request was partially successful. I asked: “How many companies have been incorporated with the word co-operative in their name in the last few years and how many have been … Continue reading

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Annual Report Crunch Time

Time to Report After a good start, I’ve hit a bump in the road getting all the various TTLLP annual reports filed with the various offices on time. Well, less a bump in the road, more of a gaping chasm. … Continue reading

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