Big Bad Biased Bing and Other Search Alternatives

Away from the Yagooglive search engines, there have been some recent changes in the search space.

Bing launched a while ago, but I’ve only just read from Anglian LUG that Bing is badly biased, returning pretty poor results for openoffice, vista and windows searches.

In the following discussion, Bev mentioned Quintura which looks like an interesting newcomer, but it’s so heavily javascript-requiring that I’m not going to use it every day. It made me think of a cross between Clusty and the now-dead SearchMe.

The other big noise lately has been the Wolfram Alpha but most of my search requests seem too esoteric for it.

As you may guess from the above, I’m still using Clusty as my main search engine (when something isn’t in my bookmarks or the ODP). What’s your favourite non-Yagooglive search?

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