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Big Bad Biased Bing and Other Search Alternatives

Away from the Yagooglive search engines, there have been some recent changes in the search space. Bing launched a while ago, but I’ve only just read from Anglian LUG that Bing is badly biased, returning pretty poor results for openoffice, … Continue reading

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The Trouble With Big Webmail

So last week, a relative commented to me that a solicitor sent a letter in reply to an email. I suggested that it might be because the email reply address was on one of the major free web email providers. … Continue reading

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Another Wednesday, Another Joe-Job

Yesterday, another of our mailboxes got joe-jobbed, just like last week. Again, it was one of our Exim servers (yes, one got done along with a qmail last week). Again, it was an address that should never appear as the … Continue reading

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Spam Revenge: Stopping Joe-job Floods in qmail

Myself and a colleague were both getting Joe-jobbed yesterday. I had an easy time telling Exim to reject mine at SMTP time, but the colleague receives mail on our only Plesk server, so it’s using qmail. I’ve noticed before that … Continue reading

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Is Yahoo Now Even Worse On Spam?

When working on mailservers, I’ve noticed that Yahoo’s mailservers seem to “punish” others by sending code 421 (service not available) for a few minutes for a first report of spam that originated from there, longer for a second report and … Continue reading

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