BikeWeek 2009

Biking past the co-op
Bike and Co-op

It’s biiiiiiikeweeeeek!</noddy>

Once again, I’m supporting BikeWeek. I generally use a bike as the first leg of my work journeys, although my company doesn’t have a “Green Travel Plan” yet. It’s mainly the time taken writing such things which has stopped it. I think we’re in favour of such ideas. Has anyone got a plan we can just adopt?

There are events all over the country. Sadly, yet again, I can’t take advantage of the local offer of free entry to Tyntesfield if you turn up on a bike because I’ll be off to the Co-operative Group regional AGM.

Two ideas which I’m seeing in lots of areas are Commuter Challenges like JamBustingJune (which TTLLP is signed up to) and lots of bike shops supporting the event, such as Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative in Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Newcastle, Manchester and Leeds.

What are you doing for Bike Week? Watching some races on TV? Taking part in local events?

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