Blog Action and Blog Action Day

Blog Action Day approaches on Friday. The call this year is for clean water and some high profile blogs including the UKFCO and the White House will be joining in.

But until then, you can look at the wonderful direct blog action by Lars Wirzenius – In defense of Nicole and others after this shocking episode. I hope Lars is wrong in this case and the Davids will join together in their common interest to overthrow the Goliath.

There is a far longer prelude than Lars describes, going back to the April 2005 launch of Liblime (announcement here). An independently-authored history of Koha and LibLime and the recent problems can be found at (US$7/month if you woud like to subscribe and support LWN).

Actually, I’m not sure if PTFS is even a Goliath. They seem to stomp around a lot, but how big are they? Biggest credible guess I’ve seen is 125 people across all products (not only Koha), which is fewer than the 150ish Koha-Community developers (not all supporters). So there you have it: Koha is bigger than PTFS. Literally.

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