BT raise phone call connection charge

The biggest competitor to our telephone service, BT, increase their connection charge to 7p per call tomorrow (16 September 2008) for many customers (thanks to MSE for the news).

However, our telephone service’s basic prices remain 4.7p per call for up to 1 hour (then 1.175p/minute) for Evening & Weekend Local and National calls and 2.94p/minute Daytime Local and National Calls, with no set-up charge.

BT’s prices for 1471, 1571, ringback, alarm calls and 3-way calling are also increasing. What are they playing at? It says these price rises are “in order to stay competitive”. Huh? Increased competition but still raising prices – it’s almost like they want to stay competitive by not having any customers who read their bills! I guess then they’ll be able to charge what they like, pretty much. £5 per call, anyone? And Phorm would get through pretty easy if they only have negligent customers…

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