Critical Eye: Google, China, DNS and an Event

My Google Bugs page started off as a blog post back in 2006, but I’ve moved it to a more permanent home and started to bring it up to date.

Recent additions include the China Controversy updated, a recent search bug added andDNS service added.

In just over a month, BathLitFest will be holding a debate on Is Google Good For You? Sunday 28 Feb, 1pm – 2pm. The key questions are:

“In the data-sharing and database age, how much information are we prepared to give away about ourselves – and who, ultimately, controls that information? Is the price of convenient, high-speed communication an almost total loss of privacy? And is it right that one company knows more about us than our government, or even than we know ourselves?”

Tickets are on sale, priced £7.

That’s pretty much what I was pointing out back in 2006. I don’t hate Google or anything, but we should be realistic: it is a for-profit company, so probably won’t be doing anything truly for free. There’s always a payback and we should recognise it as part of making an informed choice about whether to trade with them. It’s nice to see these questions getting a more mainstream airing.

If you’ve got any updates for the Google Bugs page, please let me have them.

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