Debian Project Leader Election Campaign Round-up

I’ve been AWOL for most of the debian project leader election campaigns this year, but I still want to vote, so I’ve been dredging the emails on the last day. Maybe someone still has to vote and reads this, or maybe it’ll help someone to interpret the result.

What I’ve done this year is to make a quick tally of platform points and campaign answers that I liked and disliked for each candidate, then total them up to get an order. If anyone gets a negative (more dislikes than likes), then I’ll rank them below NOTA.

Platforms: Margarita Manterola, Stefano Zacchiroli, Wouter Verhelst, Charles Plessy.

Some of the questions:

Make of that what you will. It surprised me which way the scores came out, but there was one answer with such a massive problem (in my opinion) that I ranked its giver equal with the next candidate down anyway.

If you’re a debian developer (DD), have you voted yet?

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