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Debian Project Leader Election Campaign Round-up

I’ve been AWOL for most of the debian project leader election campaigns this year, but I still want to vote, so I’ve been dredging the emails on the last day. Maybe someone still has to vote and reads this, or … Continue reading

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Fairtrade Fortnight

This week and next week are Fairtrade Fortnight. As I’ve mentioned in discussions at the Co-operative Group, there are some drawbacks to Fairtrade (most of which can be overcome by trading with co-operatives locally), but it is worth supporting fairtrade … Continue reading

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Supporting World AIDS Day

“HIV/AIDS has been a global epidemic for more than 27 years. Most of today’s youth have never known a world without it. … The time is now. Together, we can prevent the spread of this pandemic – through awareness, care, … Continue reading

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Bloggers Unite to Reunite Refugees

We celebrate Software Cooperative News being reunited with its .coop domain by celebrating this Bloggers Unite event. If you’re not aware of it already, please find out more about the problem of refugee separation from Refugees United. Thank you.

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