Firefox 3 Online Banking List Updates and WordPress 2.6 Upgrades

Software Cooperative News has been upgraded to WordPress 2.6 (and other co-hosted sites too), the “subscribe to comments” plugin has been activated and all comments will be pre-moderated from now on. There’s a few more changes to come, but hopefully nothing as dramatic.

WP-2.6 has a few more SALTs and KEYs in the config file, but it was a local change to the wp-settings.php to make virtual hosting work across many domains which took us off-line for a few minutes this morning. Sorry if you missed us. There seem to have been a few changes to the rich text editor (the Icon to add align-left etc has disappeared from blog text editor and some users can’t word wrap) which I need to check, too.

In other website news, updates from three people have gone onto the list about Online Banking with GNU/Linux, Firefox-based browsers or Free Software – Firefox-3-related breakages at NatWest and Norwich and Peterborough and a report that Nationwide works with FF3. Thanks to those contributors – as usual, I won’t say who told me what, in order to avoid telling people who banks where, but I’ve added more names to the credits.

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