For Debian Developers who watch discussions about possible GRs

I believe that most debian developers ignore discussions of possible general resolutions like the current one, until/unless they look like reaching the required number of seconds to trigger a vote.

It’s hard to prove that a group is ignoring something, but disproof is simple: please could all DDs who watch pre-proposal discussions of possible GRs please email mjr-possiblegr at I’ll count with from -f possiblegr.mbox | wc -l in a week or so, after filtering out any emails from non-DDs.

Feel free to ask other debian developers to email if they watch reasonably likely places (planet, non-technical lists, …) for pre-proposal discussions of possible GRs. Please don’t spam debian-devel or announce lists about it, unless you’re expecting future possible GRs to be sent there. I’d welcome a quick comment if you post it anywhere.

If you can see a way to prove that a group is ignoring something, let me know. I realise that failing to disprove this isn’t the same as proving the opposite, but I think it would still be useful.

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