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In Berkeley or Boston? Want to work for a co-op?

Our four comrades over at Quilted co-op are looking for a new worker-owner, either a project manager, a developer (Drupal, WordPress, Rails, Perl and/or PHP), or a designer based in Berkeley or Boston. The eventual plan is to all be … Continue reading

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Top 10 Crimes of Developer Engagement: a common problem?

savs seemed to agonise about posting it but I think his Top 10 crimes of Developer Engagement is spot on even if it might not be as amusing as Aral Balkan’s similar message. I think it applies to my recent … Continue reading

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For Debian Developers who watch discussions about possible GRs

I believe that most debian developers ignore discussions of possible general resolutions like the current one, until/unless they look like reaching the required number of seconds to trigger a vote. It’s hard to prove that a group is ignoring something, … Continue reading

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