Koha meetings and case studies

It’s been a fairly good month working with Koha for me. Our co-op installed Koha 3.0 for a few more libraries and had quite a few enquiries. This means our test servers still need upgrading to 3.0.3, which is disappointing, but current customers come first.

The flip side of that is that I’m probably going to take some heat during tonight’s koha General IRC Meeting and we’re facing a bit of a rush to get the direct-RFID control feature and the category of patrons editor tidied and submitted before the 3.2 feature-freeze on 6 September. The features are currently sat up on our infamous co-op 3.0 fork branch, but at least I’m currently working with that during a server migration at one library.

Also announced this week, the eIFL-FOSS ILS project case studies include several Koha libraries.

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