Meeting about forming a Koha Foundation, 15 September 2009

Following suggestions by some other koha developers and with an increasing amount of silence from long-time koha community supporters liblime, we’ve called an IRC meeting next Tuesday.

We’re concerned that our community is currently not sustainable: the withdrawal of any vendor could seriously damage the project. Moving some of the core project resources to a foundation should ensure its continued stewardship.

From my own point of view, our co-op internally tries to keep its TruckNumber high and we’d like to use a foundation to make sure the Koha project TruckNumber stays high. There are several groups set up for the koha project and some that existed before: can any of them help to make Koha sustainable? Right now, I think TTLLP is the only Koha hoster which isn’t a private for-profit corporation. That seems a bit scary for a 10-year-old project. It’s time to fix this.

The agenda and information links are on the wiki. Hope to see everyone invoved in koha development there!

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4 Responses to Meeting about forming a Koha Foundation, 15 September 2009

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  3. Ben says:

    Silence = intensive work on version 3.2, right?

  4. MJ Ray says:

    Only if they’re planning their contribution to be “throw it over the wall” abandonware. Otherwise, we’d be seeing a stream of RFCs, enhancement bug reports and patches from liblime to the newly-ex-liblime release manager. So far, the only enhancement bugs that we know liblime are actively developing have been discovered when their customers have told us. In at least two cases (patron batch editing and EDI), they seem to be duplicating work done by other companies.

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