Looking Back: 2008 Part 2

This is a continuation from part 1 but can be enjoyed on its own too, like a good red wine. It’s a bit early for me for red wine, though.

  • Standing for Election to SPI Board Again – my most popular page ever, by number of page views anyway. It was spammed to hell so often that comments are now switched off. I suspect the US Election had more to do the popularity of this article than my unsuccessful candidature for the Software in the Public Interest board.
  • Batting Against Three Strikes through the Back Door – I’m a member and ambassador for ThePhoneCoop and TTLLP are agents/resellers for them, so this misguided EU law-making was worth some of my time. Writing about it here got me a response from Neil Parish MEP that I don’t think I would have got otherwise. It’s a terrible shame he never sent a reply from Malcolm Harbour.
  • LugRadio Live Event Review – a review of one of the most populist UK free software events by one of their most vociferous critics (back before they went all Creative Commons warm and fuzzy) was always going to be popular, which is partly why I wrote it, but not the whole reason: I’m delighted that the event should return in the future. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty damn fantastic. “A tech conference crossed with a rocking gig by the strangest boyband ever, with a cheerleading racoon and some very cool people.”
  • Good News on the Koha 3.0.0-final Approach – another surprisingly popular marginal comment. I’ve currently broken/desynched/something my local git tree. I’m going to repair it by New Year and then start writing up more Koha explorations and sending patches upstream.

More to follow in a couple of days…

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